Saturday, 25 August 2012

Venetian mask , Lace and Rose

This cake was for a very special in-law. Hand made mask inspired by a cake decorator and author. Always been fascinated by the mysterious venetian masks. The orange lace on the sides inspired by a piece of lace my mother had. As usual a Fondant/ Gumpaste/ Buttercream Chocolate cake.


  1. You do realise that it's not just cakes you can do. Obviously drawing is a natural skill for you. Although this cake design isn't as elaborate as the others, I like that it's very tasteful and the mask makes an impact. I am curious to see what else comes up.

    If you can remember, you may like to include preparation time. So that we can anticipate the effort it takes to prepare this. What time do you work? I can't imagine where you find the time when you run a household with two young kids

  2. Thank you so much. I haven't put up the cakes that have more elaborate drawings on the blog yet. I really like this cake too ....It is more a ME cake( I like to believe myself to be a bit mysterious....It adds a touch of drama ;-)....) but not many people were taken by it though.
    I haven't been really timing the cakes 'cos most of the time I do it at odd hours or when the kids are sleeping. Maybe next time I do a cake I will keep this in mind and see how long it goes. Anyway it also depends on how much work goes on the cake.


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