Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Legends of Chima (Mount Cavora & Laval) for my Dear Son.

A small peep out of my semi retirement......trying to get my MOJO back after 6 months..... but my small peep I guess has ended up blowing out of proportion as usual ( I mean when I do something most of the time I end up going overboard and it is just not my cakes ) and maybe I have damaged my hands again......... So here is my SILLY SOB story.....I was not going to make a cake this time .....then I thought I will just call his class mates (he wanted to call everybody) , so Hungry Jacks it was, Got Ice cream cake....upto this point I was very well BEHAVED...THEN I started THINKING ( I should never THINK I tell you ......). 

A Birthday party and how can there be one without cakes, my poor son and poor little kids, then I thought I won't do much just some cupcakes...ended up doing 60 cupcakes and printing edible image of my son's favourite character for each ( half vegetarian and the other half not). 

The party was before his actual birthday , so I thought I might as well do a cake to cut for the actual birthday. Ended up getting a custom made edible image for that.

As if this was not enough had a party for the family.....so if we have a party we have to have a cake  RIGHT???  and I was initially going to cater the food but for some weird reason decided to cook. Thankfully I had done the figure earlier ( back of my mind I always had this in mind I think ;-)) baked the cake Thursday night left it to cool started early on Friday and finished Friday night NOT VERY happy with it..... did some touch up from Saturday morning till 1pm...still not happy but NO time now  ( Saturday was supposed to be for shopping and cleaning and getting stuff ready for Sunday's Cooking), took photos went shopping, came back marinated the meat which my dear hubby was kind enough to cut for me. Cut all the stuff for the Fried rice for the kids next day, did a little bit of cleaning , took panadol and went to bed. All my my body parts were aching and the  worst was my hands......THANK GOD for whoever invented PANADOL and deep heat ointment. Cooking was a breeze ( NOT actually, managed to get something burned and had to redo it) ) I tell U 'cos I was still cooking and cleaning when the guests came and they were kind enough to help me finish up. Thank you so much for all the help. 

The party didn't finish with ours...had to go out again for another of my son's classmates party, by the time we came back........I was just existing physically but not all there and so over tired  that I couldn't sleep.............................

Now that you have read my story.......NOT very deserving of any sympathy right?

Sorry... sorry .....sorry ... this blog is supposed to be for cakes but I just seem to be having a verbal D..... of all things NOT cake!!!!! As you might have guessed my son loves Legends of Chima an animation that comes on Cartoon Network based on Chima LEGO. What I have tried to re-create  is Mount Cavora...my version with Laval Standing on the rocks .....all edible,  all cake ............ My son is so in LOVE with this character and episodes and I WONDER WHY??????? I find it quite UGGGHHH!!!!! Maybe it is a girl-boy thing. He LOVES it so I did it!!!!!!!

With the Original Lego figure