Sunday, 21 July 2013

A Chipmunk: My First Standup Carved Cake

My first Standup carved cake he is about 40+cm (16 inches) high and a bit on the plump side especially  the bottom half ;-). This is the second cake I did in the mist of organising the family birthday lunch for my darling son. For some reason I thought that this was the worst cake I have done so far :-( , until I was told otherwise by family and friends :-). I don't know whether I am still convinced yet?

Theodore in the process of being attacked
What is left of Theodore

Sunday, 14 July 2013

A long time ago in a Galaxy far , far away...........

This is my take on a stacked cake(thanks to Verusca) : Star Wars Angry Birds  "Red Skywalker" stamping on "Lard Varder"  till he sees "STARS", with "Princess Stella Organa" and "Chuck "Ham" Solo" for company.

Red Skywalker , Lard Varder and the base are made of cake.

This was done for my darling son for his class birthday party yesterday. Initially I was not going to do Angry Birds (had already done one for my hubby  (Stiched up with love ) last year and I was sort of over it) but persistent nagging from December 2012 by you know who  and love eventually made me give in :-). 

The following picture shows what I initially planned to do but due to unforeseen circumstances and time I had to cut short on my characters.

This is just a prelude to I don't know what, his actual birthday is next week and I have to do another cake ('cos family is coming over for lunch and my son expects another one as usual (what are mothers for he thinks???)) and I haven't even started anything on that  yet (+ cooking lunch).....GOD help me!!!!! or rather........

Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Aftermath......

This was the state of the Angry Birds after a battle with my kids.

These were part of  the cake I had made for Kaaviyann's Class Birthday party. I wasn't interested in  making angry birds again ( I had made angry birds for my Hubby's birthday cake last year). My son's nagging ( he started as far back as December last year) finally got through to me and I finally ended up giving in ( what else mothers do?). So here is part of it, will update the rest soon :-)