Sunday, 11 August 2013

Forty and Fabulous.....

A fashion inspired cake done for a dear close friend of mine's surprise 40th birthday party. The design on the cake is inspired  by a Kebaya designed by the Indonesian Fashion designer Anne Avantie ( 

I had been wanting to do a fashion inspired cake for while and as soon as I saw this ( ) ,
I  just had to try my hands on it and also knew that my friend likes Orange and Black so thought this would be perfect for her. Had few hiccups along the way but finally got there. Tried the lace work for the first time.My figurine seem to be getting better.... not perfect as I want it to be but much better than my previous ones ( feeling very happy about that :-)).  I don't know whether I did justice to the design, but my friend really loved the cake so that's what matters the most I guess :-)

Life of a cake......

During its lifetime it does usually give so much pleasure and happiness.......I for one aspire to be a cake :-)  !!!!