Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Pearly Painted Vintage Silhouette Anniversary Cake

A cake done for a special couple. This was my first attempt at painting roses on fondant. Whether they look like roses or little pieces of reddish pink BLOB  ;-) is for you guys to decide. This is the second time I  have done a silhouette on a cake. Lines are a bit better than the first one. 

It is a vegetarian chocolate cake with buttercream covered with fondant and  gumpaste accents. Start to finish it roughly took about three days to do.  

First day went with planning and doing the silhouette frame , Second day with baking the cake and covering with buttercream and fondant. Started the painting and assembling the next day. 

This is with breaks in between to look after wailing kids, answering their questions, shouting 'don't do this', don't touch that' 'don't fight' , chauffeuring and preparing breakfast, lunch & dinner ;-).

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Story Book ...Lion King & Bananas in Pyjamas

This is the  2nd cake I made for  my son's birthday ( the party cake). When my son's last birthday finished he had already ordered his next cake (one year ahead... yeah he was very proactive about this ;-)). He wanted Lion King and Bananas in pyjamas

I did a lot of thinking about this cake....didn't initially know how combine the two. Finally decided a book would be good idea. This was back in January but only started doing something about it in June. This is my version of a story book

This cake involved lots of painting. It was a chocolate and butter cake layered with buttercream and covered with fondant.

'Going to School ' : A year since I started cake decorating...

Since I am an over active, over enthusiastic doting mum  ;-)........ there were two birthday cakes as usual... one for the actual day and the other for the party....

First cake was a  'going to school theme' to get him interested in the idea of going to school. It is supposed to be him just back from school. The figurine is made with marzipan (first time I tried this). The rest of the cut outs were done with gumpaste. Did a bit of painting for this cake. This was a vegetarian Chocolate cake