Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A Doll for my Little Princess.......

As Doting mum, it has become a usual norm in our house for me to end up making two cakes for my kids birthday, one for the actual birthday and one for the party ( if they happen to come separately, this time there is a small party for the family next week so there is one more cake to come !!). This is the first of the two cakes I made for my darling daughter who is so into dolls and princesses now.

This is my third take on dolls, I did make a doll based cakes for my daughter's first birthday. It was a Doll dressed as bo-peep for her actual birthday and two Barbie dolls dressed in a traditional Half Saree and  a Ghagra Choli for the Party.

Actual 1st Birthday : My 1st Doll cake (2011)
Party 1st Birthday: My 2nd Doll cake (2011)

Images and details available on my previous posts; First Birthday Party   and  Memories: The making of my barbie doll cake

At that time it was because I wanted to make it for my daughter, this time around it was because my daughter wanted it :-).......and Ahh.... she loved it , I think ?????

I always wanted to make an  ALL edible Doll cake, more challenging me thinks, so here goes my first attempt figurine and all. The upper body is entirely hand sculpted using gumpaste and I have seen quite a few really successful beautiful ones. I sincerely hope mine is at least close to being one of those too :-). Thank you so much for looking and for all your lovely support.

Memories : The Making of my first Barbie Doll Cakes.......

This is not a tutorial, just photos of the different elements at different stages of the cakes I made that week in 2011 soon after I started out on my cake journey.  Recently unearthed these images and thought I will share them with you :-)

It was Dolls overload and I don't think my daughter even appreciated it considering it was her first birthday, It was more for me than her ha...ha :-) .Three Dolls .... One for her actual birthday and Two for her birthday party.

Ended up making a Ben 10 cake for my son too so that he doesn't feel left out and
A cake for my Dad with him and his grand kids sitting on a sofa ( my first figurines, to tell you the truth they didn't look that great !!) which came two days after my daughter's. So very glad that I made one for my Dad because that became the LAST cake I will ever make for him .  I miss him so much!!!

Full detail of the birthday Party can be found in one of my first posts on my blog : 1st Birthday Party

All ready to be transported to the Hall

All ready to be transported to the Hall

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Thank you all .....

Thanks to everybody who have supported me big or small through my cake journey......

Friday, 22 November 2013

Little Mermaid and friends......

Me thinks that this cake from the beginning was bit JINXED.......This is how it started .........

Started couple of weeks ago on the topper for a cake which I had promised a while back for a close friend of ours’ daughter who wanted Ariel, took a while to do this, was not really happy with the proportions but I was too tired and painful to do anything more on her decided that I had finished with her, took some photos and when I was picking her up, she toppled over and fell…... the tail broke and then had another accident and the hand broke :-(. Didn’t end up doing anything on it for a week or two.Finally two weeks ago I got around to trying my hand at fixing her. (First two picture are before the accident and the pics after that is after the fix).

She doesn’t look like an Ariel I envisioned …...even had thoughts about redoing her, In my present state I didn't end up however…..

Making of Sabastian and Flounder went without any mishaps luckly.To tell you the truth,  I quite love how Sabastian has turned out....

This cake was supposed to have been made for next Sunday for the kids party(the actual birthday was yesterday). 

I got a call from the distraught friend that she had been misinformed at the place she had booked initially they had said that she could bring the cake but now they are saying she can't,  even if she buys their cake. She wanted to know whether I had started the cake already and if I have started whether it is possible to get it the next day with minimal decoration maybe just sprinkles for the actual birthday. Initially I was a bit reluctant being not sure about the thawing the buttercream and filling and also my son had a school program which started at 5:30 and finished at 8:00pm, then I thought of my friend's little girl who was very excited that I was making a cake for her so I decide that I will do it somehow. 

Luckily for me , it was a really hot day, the toppers were ready, microwave and the mixer were at hand, however this was not the cake design I had planned to do for Sunday which would take lot more time and I was short on time. 

So after a sleepless night this is what I came up with .....made with love.... Our friends were quite happy with it me thinks......

So now that we have come to the end our story ;-)........... what do you think?

Thank you for looking, reading.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Last minute Birthday Cake : Patchwork Roses

The second cake of the two cakes I did in a day. This was the first time I did two in a day, It was a bit taxing especially with my existing problem. In the end I didn't end up finishing and detailing as I would have liked to have done :-(. It was last minute vegetarian cake for a lovely friend .