Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Skylander Spyro: 
Another guy cake for another nephew of mine. He was very exact in what he wanted...he wanted 'Spyro'... I was like what??? what spyro?   I didn't even know what it was!!!(welcome to the old generation.. I tell myself). His mum did describe it...some orange and purple dragon thingy...and I was thinking eeek.....How in the world am I going to do a dragon!!! 

So next best thing I did was to get on the net and do a bit of research. I got some pics of the dragon. My son decided that the original dragon does not look nice (according to him scary it seems, the one shown below on the portal of power). He wanted me to do the more friendly version ( shown below too). Initially I was just going to do the dragon on top of  the Portal of power. Then changed my mind and added the NINE to it  !!! Can you, smart sparks, guess why??:-).  Also added the grass and gems to look like Spyro is actually playing a game and in the process of  picking up points/bonus??( did my research remember ;-)). As usual done with fondant/ gumpaste/ chocolate fondant, buttercream and chocolate cake.


  1. i really like this one! the dragon looks amazing. Just a comment thought. I personally like the font but find it a little difficult to read at times.does anyone else feel the same I wonder.It may have somethng to do with my screen size. just a thought

  2. Thanks so much... I have increased the font size and also made it bold. Hopefully it helps. If you or anybody else has a problem reading....please let me know I will change the font to something more readable ( Still holding on to this font 'cos I like it so much :-))


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