Monday, 23 September 2013

Cupcakes......Monster High and Colour Riot.

I had a really late sleep deprived night but I had decided  that I was going to make these little treats for one my son's lovely classmate who loves monster high ( ) and some for another good friends of ours. Only problem was I was not in a state to try out any elaborate designs, so the design element on these cupcakes are bit on the minimalistic side :-), I hope they enjoyed it in spite of it.


This was one of my quick creations for a dinner at a good friend of ours.  A design on the run, just had couple of hours to make this one ( Baked the cake in the morning, left it to cool, went shopping, started decorating at 3:30 pm  and finished at 6:30pm, took photos  and was ready by 7:15pm . That was not bad I thought but my hubby as usual thought otherwise ;-), We were 1hr & 15mins LATE!!!! according to him. Funny thing was when we reached our friend's place, most of them were arriving just then hee...heee, that made me feel so much better. Had a really lovely long  night, came back home at 2am and I had another set of cupcakes to do in the morning..............

Blog Revamp Take 2

Taking in all your helpful pointers after the last blog re-dsign, here I am again re-designing my blog :-) ( which seem to be never ending). This time the background has bit of the design elements of some of my cakes. Any critically constructive review would be welcome. Thank you for looking.



Saturday, 7 September 2013

Election Day School Fundraising Cakes.

Since I started my foray into baking, today is the first time my cake is being SOLD , that too not by me (a weird feeling all the same). Not selling any of my creations so far has been by choice.

Donated a chocolate cake and a dozen cupcakes to the school stall that was set up for the Election day today. I wonder how much they will go for.......may be not much since it is not at a cake shop but it will be better than nothing  I guess :-).

Left the top blank so that whoever buys can use it as a celebration cake if they wanted to. The flower on this cake is just a ruffled freestyle.