Saturday, 25 August 2012

Enamel Effect Cake

 This cake is also for another very special in-law. I had problem with the fondant with this one. Maybe because of the weather?? Corrie and Nadia thank you for the inspiration. The design is based on Henna designs. Fondant/ Royal Icing/ Buttercream chocolate cake.


  1. Is this supposed to be the pillow that henna artistes use?? I have to tell you this, after seeing your series of cakes, I started thinking about eating them during one of my classes. I was just daydreaming about what they would taste like. What are your bases usually like? Butter cake?

  2. That's an idea!! I didn't actually think of it like that but now that you mention it , it looks more like a pillow that henna artist's use ;-)...... Haa.Haa.. that's classic you dreaming about my sweet of you. This was a chocolate cake. I do butter cakes, vegetarian chocolate, butterscotch, orange etc... Now that you mention it I have to experiment with more flavours.


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