Saturday, 18 August 2012

Harry Potter Lego Present.

The second cake that I made was for my nephew who initially wanted a Lego cake then changed his mind and asked for Harry potter. I wonder why it is hard for kids to make up their minds as to what they want....I guess everybody is like that at some stage.....  After all the feedback I got for my 1st cake ( which made me feel like the queen of cake decorating...hmm... not) , half of it I think was because they didn't really expect me to anything substantial.
 I wanted to do something challenging so I thought of combining both his request and doing a Harry Potter Lego ( as a surprise for my nephew) present. The idea was to do a gift wrapped Lego box with the corner ripped / torn and the pieces spilling out and the characters coming out of the box and having a duel on top of the box...did it make any sense......or ...confused already???  Well he loved it, I guess that is what matters.


  1. That's just amazing. Both the concept and its materialisation. But seriously??How do you even make these things? I couldn't even draw a lego piece let alone make it in 3D. You seem to have a mental Cadcam system (showing off a bit from my engine days-ainck would be impressed i know what cadcam is).

    There is this website by an ex-lawyer who gave up a lucractive practice to make things out of lego. His name is Nathan Sawaya and I did initially write to ask if Culture Counsel could use his pictures. His publicist did reply and agree but silly me never followed up. Check it out. There is one of a yellow bearing open his chest in hanuman fashion. That could be your next cake :), even thought I don't know we could bake that or make it stand

  2. Cadcam ehh..?:-) I had always been interested in everything arts and crafts. I didn't realise that I had it in me until I tried it. You never know you might also have it in you too. I had a look at Nathan Sawaya's site, It is definitely my type of thing...Thank you for letting me know I really liked the one you mentioned and also 'heartfelt', 'pop up book'.


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