Saturday, 25 August 2012

Patched Heart

A special patched up heart shaped cake for a very very special person. This was done in a hurry without planning hence I didn't do a design of my own. Got this design from the net (It is not the exact version but similar)  and ended up not finishing it. Had to take it over half way through.... Oh well 3/4 way through. Fondant /buttercream chocolate cake.


  1. Am very curious. Why the patched heart theme though? What type of event was this for? Do you do cupcake designs?

  2. It was for a birthday. It was inspired from a cake that was already on the net, I didn't really have time to think so deeply about this cake. I just thought it looked more modern, contemporary, stylish.... It was for a person who is just that. I haven't really done cupcakes as yet...may be my next project :-)


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