Saturday, 8 August 2015

My Little One's Birthday : Take 2 .....The Family Party

Since my last cake was a disaster, I decided that for the family birthday party I will start early so that I won't have an excuse not to finish on time.

So here is the cake my son requested A NINJAGO cake  with  KAI ( the fire guy, my son's favourite character) creating an Airjitzu?  or is it Spinjitzu in the air? ( or whatever it is layman's terms Levitating via a Tornado of  Fire ) coming out of water as my son wanted the Airjitzu swirling out of the sea. A Gravity Defying cake....... all edible except for the internal support. I missed out in taking photos as I wanted because of time  ( been busy shopping, cooking, cleaning etc.... for the party ). My son was SUPER happy  with his KAI and the Ninjago Cake:-) :-) :-)

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  1. Super awesome cake!!! Any chance you could do a tutorial or at least give a few hints/tips/instructions??


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