Sunday, 14 December 2014

Our Dreams

My daughter had a DREAM...........she dreamt of a Ballerina and so she went around telling anybody who would care to listen to her that Mum is going to make a Ballerina cake for her birthday......she just wanted to drive home the message......If she wished and wished it would become true :-)

I heard the message but I was a bit down in the dumps and a tad bit LAZY to start....and I had a new hobby that I was bit more interested in than cakes added to the mix this time.......PHOTOGRAPHY.

I did end up making her realise her dream ( what are mums for ???? I ask you ) but I didn't plan so well ahead like I used to with all my previous cakes for my kids. Besides with this one because of my hands I needed my hubby's help in making the board ( drilling, cutting etc.. bits) . So we only managed to do the board the day before her birthday.... tsk....tsk.. so after a sleepless night .....ooops I modify that.....what had happened was I was GOING to stay up but went to put the kids to sleep and guess what I slept off too......but obviously I must have had some nightmare or the other ( maybe my daughter crying 'My mum didn't make the cake for me, she doesn't love me'????) 'cos I woke up and It was 1: 55am . So from then on till 2pm I was rushing around making it, then had to clean the house and make some snacks 'cos some kids were coming over from school. Luckily I had made the face and body couple of days back, a saving grace.

I still wasn't happy with the cake  and also didn't get a proper chance to take photos of the birthday girl and the birthday cake. So can you guess what happened????

I gave cupcakes to the kids and the next day patched up the cake again , the cut bit, to look good as new and added few details like happy birthday tag etc, fixed up the hand that kept falling and took these photos...

Like my daughter , I had a DREAM too......what if I can make a Ballerina look like she is playing with a ribbon and  jumping off and flying in the air........a SOARING BALLERINA... and now will YOU all be kind enough to tell me whether I have realised my dream or not ? :-)


  1. Amazingly fabulous!!!
    Well done!!!! your daughter must have been speechless...

    1. Thank you for your lovely feedback.....Yes she was she was :-)


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