Friday, 29 March 2013

20 Roses & Initials

My sister-in-law made a surprise anniversary cake for a close relation of hers , she planned to make a three tier cake with lots of flowers and had lots to do. So I helped her and made the roses and the initials for the cake. I was asked to do peach coloured roses. Doing the roses was a bit tedious, doing 20 of them could be exactly that anyway ;-). To make it more interesting I dusted the centre a darker pink.

My sister-in-law also ended up dusting the outside of the rose petals with light pink petal dust so that it matched the Saree which she found out was a different colour to what she initially thought ( peach with a shot of pink throughout).

The initials were a last minute request after the cake was done, so nothing fancy. The first initials I did, I thought was a bit too big to be put on top of the cake which already had a lot of flowers so I did a much simpler cleaner looking initials. Ended up using both on the cake( one on top of the cake and one on the base).

 The surprise party is tomorrow and her cake has turned out really lovely.

Took the photo of the Initials on a different background

Friday, 22 March 2013

Cupcakes: Take 2

My long day didn't stop  with the picnic lunch, I came back and started doing a few more, just to satisfy my self. I wasn't very happy with the Harmony cupcakes . You all must be thinking " What's wrong with this girl? Is she mad?  ;-)....... Well I also don't know.

My Son's Favourite

Anyway I did do a few of them and gave them to my neighbours . They were very happy which made me quite happy too :-)


Happy Harmony Day( 21st March ).

First full on attempt at  making cupcakes. Time also wasn't on my side but I somehow managed to finish whatever I could. I had forgotten we had Harmony day family picnic lunch at my son's school. Only on Wednesday afternoon one of the mothers reminded me. I thought of skipping it ( my son had the Gastro this weekend and I was too tired after all that drama) but thinking of my son's disappointed face made me go on.

Baked the cupcakes Wednesday night (54 nos).

Got up 5 am in the morning on Thursday, made fried rice, chauffeured my husband to the station, my son to school then started on making the icing and decorating. I would have loved to have some more time but I had to be there at the school at 1 pm. Managed to decorate 24 of them. As you all must have guessed, It was orange themed.

All packed and ready to go.

Leftovers from the picnic...  Very tiring and looong day, but my son was very HAPPY, that was what mattered the most ;-)

Happy Harmony day Everybody.

What happened to the remaining 30 cupcakes  :-) ????..... I hadn't finished for the day though....bits about it in the next post.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Thank you, Nandri, Merci, Danke, Gracias, Sukriya, Takk......

Thank you for all the comforting, encouraging, appreciative, supportive words that have come my way since I started my journey into the world of cakes. They are greatly appreciated and touched my heart in more ways than I can express.
Thank you all for helping me reach past the 5000+ page views.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Yipeeeee......Edible Art of the Day Winner

I am so HAPPY, EXCITED, ENCOURAGED, HUMBLED, short for words.......

My storybook cake has been selected as the Edible Art of the Day Winner ( 15th March 2013) on the Edible Artists Network website.

Finally won something in the World of Cakes especially at a time like this has lifted my spirits to a different level,  STILL PINCHING MYSELF :-).........................

Sunday, 10 March 2013

My Rainbow Rose Collection


I felt like colouring up my blog, brightening up my day (I have been down in the dumps the last couple of months), bit of a colour riot, multi coloured hues, all rainbows. I know some people might be a bit put off by it, but I will take my chances ;-). What better way to do than roses? I know I have done the rainbow rose tutorial before, these are just variations of it.

The rose with the multi-coloured petal was actually suggested to me by Gaayathiri,  a friend of mine. I don't know whether I managed to come close to what she was thinking of. I felt I didn't.

Here is the link to my tutorial, in case anybody wants to try it with a sane looking normal colour ;-) ( click on the picture below):

Sunbathing Santa !!

While going through my old cakes, came up with this one. It was a quick cake done for son's childcare Christmas party (Dec 2011).  Christmas Down Under : Santa relaxing on the beach.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Revamped Blog !!

Wanted a change, so decided to give my Blog a new hair cut ;-) instead of doing cakes. Hope you all like it. Please let me know whether you like it or not. Any critical review to improve the site would be welcome. Thanks.

Old View
New View

Thank you for all your feedback, based on your feedback I have made few changes. I will keep some of the pointers for my next major revamp.

Updated View based on the feed back that I  received. Thank you once again.