Sunday, 9 December 2012

Iron Man Birthday Comic Strip

I was asked to make an Iron man cake by my little nephew, he was well organised, he brought home a big book on the Avengers to show me just in case I didn't know who "IRON MAN" was!. This was three or four months back. I had to have a think of this and finally decided on a comic strip..... This is the rough version

A journey back into nostalgia. Making this piece brought back so many fond old memories(These memories are more pronounced when there is a loss in the family.) ......when comics were the norm of the day for the kids back then and I used to bug my parents to buy Tin Tin, Super heroes, Phanthom etc... I don't know whether kids still read comic books these days...... but here goes my attempt.

Due to unforeseen circumstances I was able to make only the top part (decoration) of the cake. The actual cake will be done by my Sister-in-law and these decoration will be placed on top. Once the cake is done , will post  a picture.