Saturday, 25 August 2012

Life is a Rose...... beware of the thorns!!

Why are people always captivated, spellbound by a ROSE I wonder sometimes.... but when you look at one you always understand..... its beauty is out of this world. .....trying to capture that essence is not an easy task, I am still in the process....whether I will reach there is questionable but here are few of my attempts....

Check out my very first published tutorial on roses on cake central. Don't know how descriptive and helpful it is though.
Glitzy Rainbow Rose Tutorial Using Circle cutters Tutorial on Cake Central on


  1. I love these!!! They are so amazing. Do you make and store them and reuse or are the fresh each time? They look so real. You should think about creating a tumblr account and just sharing the pictures. I just did. It's a whole new, other world. Started yesterday and discover another medium of sharing and expressing. It's less about content and the focus is just on the pictures

  2. Your lovely comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you. I make them and store it and use it when needed. The petals have to be hard so they stay in shape and look some what like a rose petal. Thank you for the pointer on tumblr, will have a look.

  3. The review I got for some of my roses on cake central are on the following link:


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