Sunday, 9 December 2012

Iron Man Birthday Comic Strip

I was asked to make an Iron man cake by my little nephew, he was well organised, he brought home a big book on the Avengers to show me just in case I didn't know who "IRON MAN" was!. This was three or four months back. I had to have a think of this and finally decided on a comic strip..... This is the rough version

A journey back into nostalgia. Making this piece brought back so many fond old memories(These memories are more pronounced when there is a loss in the family.) ......when comics were the norm of the day for the kids back then and I used to bug my parents to buy Tin Tin, Super heroes, Phanthom etc... I don't know whether kids still read comic books these days...... but here goes my attempt.

Due to unforeseen circumstances I was able to make only the top part (decoration) of the cake. The actual cake will be done by my Sister-in-law and these decoration will be placed on top. Once the cake is done , will post  a picture.


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Deepavali (Diwali) Wishes.....

One of my first set of 3d figures done with fondant last year but never got to use it ....... in rememberance of my Parents.
I miss you both terribly.

Published on EdibleArtistsNetwork under tutorials

Just saw that my tutorial has been published on Edible Artists Network under tutorials.
Thank you very much to whoever sent it for publishing

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Tutorial - Kooba Valerie Handbag Cake and a scarf

This is first purse cake I have ever made, a Kooba valerie handbag. When I started out,  I was very skeptical on how it was going to turn out...will it even look like a bag ?......The Birthday Girl ( a really lovely person ) ADORED it I guess I like it too... I still think I could have refined it a bit more, made it more realistic if I had a bit more time( or maybe it was a good thing that I didn't have the time.. I might have ended up spoiling it...will write why later!!.

For all those budding cake decorators like me scouring the net, here is a little 'How to do a handbag' my way....or at least  how I did it. Hope it will be helpful  or atleast give you the confidence to try it  or something similar :-).

1) Decide and Design
This is the most important bit, After deciding on the bag I was going to make, printed out pictures of it and used Parchment paper/baking paper to draw the side and top views, the joins and the handle so that I can use it to carve the cake and cut out the Fondant pieces

2) Materials Used
  • Cake of course  ( Vegetarian Chocolate cake in this case) 
  • Gumpaste
  • Pastillage
  • Fondant
  • Buttercream
  • Rolling pin, and Board, Textured sheet
  • Ball  and  Dresden, pin Tool, ridged wheel
  • Craft Knife
  • Square and Rectangle Cutters
  • Water and paint brush
  • Flower wire (I used #20 for the handle)
  • Colour Paste, Luster Dust, Petal Dust
  • Home-made Handle Dryer (Tissue Roll + Rectangular box + Cling Wrap)
  • Parchment / baking paper
  • Straws

3) Accents

I usually make whatever accents I can well before I start on the cake so that they are dried and ready. I also usually make extras just in case of breakage.
 Buckles , Lock, and Logo : used pastillage for the buckles and gumpaste for the logo and Lock. Square and Rectangle cutters and craft knife were used to cut out the shapes then dresden,  ball, pin tools  to carve out the letters. Painted with gold luster dust + copper colour paste

Handles: Always.. always make extra. I was short of time and I made only two and I was very lucky to get away with it. It did break mind you but can you pick out where it did in the final picture? Word of warning with the handle... be very careful but do it quite quickly since the gumpaste /fondant will dry fast and cracks might appear

 Roll out 50/50 fondant and gumpaste , emboss or texture using texture sheet or rolling pin and cut two straight pieces (Top & bottom) using the already cut parchment/baking paper as a guide for length and width. Get the bottom piece of the handle and work out where the buckle is going to sit.

Now push the wire through the fondant strip just above where the buckle will sit ( as shown in the 2nd pic, make sure you don't bend the wire) . Do the same thing for the other side so the end bits of the wire can be seen( This is what is going to go into the cake). Now stick the already cut top piece to the bottom piece with the ends of the flower wire visible as shown using tiny amount of water. Stamp out two holes on each side below where the buckle should be.
You can thread though the buckles now or after the wire is bent and put on the home-made handle holder to get the conical shape that I wanted. Be very careful when doing this otherwise the ends might come off in your hands. To bend the wire, hold the end of the wire and bend ( don't press on the fondant/gumpaste) also bend the wire near where the buckles will be slightly so that exposed wire is partially vertical when going into the cake ( see pic above).

Scarf : Rolled out gumpaste really thin and cut it into a square and set it where it is going to be positioned and allowed it to dry and then paint it. I had mentioned before about doing too much and spoiling it ... this is an example I think. The first picture looks better.. the final scarf had too many colours on it and doesn't look as good !! ( to my eye that is.....)

4) Baking , Carving and the final bits and pieces

Carved out the shape using the already cut parchment/ baking  paper (also checked the handles against the cake to make sure that they can be put on easily and also made allowance for the cake to be slightly larger with the fondant on). Layered it and crumb coated it using buttercream.

Then covered it with one piece of  fondant ( Pink) so that it is easier to work with when I am sticking on the smaller pieces ( I know it is too much fondant, maybe when I am more confident, I will use just one layer).
After this I used mint green fondant  and rolled it out and embossed and used the already cut parchment/ baking  paper to cut out the shapes to stick it on ( Cut out slightly larger pieces to fold  and crease it to make it look like a bag). Used the Ridged wheel to create the stitching effect.

Pushed through two straws on each side where the handle flower wire would go and cut it to size. Carefully put the handle on and made sure that it will not be moving around much. Put the rest of the accents on. If the wire shows through used the dresden tool  and water to stick on small embossed pieces to cover it.

 5) Finally My First hand Bag!!!

6) After the Cake Accident
While photographing the cake, the cake almost fell over and smashed, but some how I managed to save it with slight damage. The writing got damaged also so I ended up doing a simple tag quickly which doesn't look that bad If I may say so myself ;-)

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Time to relax...make roses

Don't laugh, but I do seem to relax a bit when I do these little darlings, so when I am really stressed out , I makeup some time to try out a few. It might not work out for everybody(maybe the opposite actually ) but it sort of works for me hee.hee......

These are the outcome. Tried out a different centre this time.

Belated 21st Birthday.

This was one of the quickest cakes I have done so far, It was  for my cousin who was over here for just six days. All the flowers are pre-made.

Happy Belated 21st dear cousin

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Pearly Painted Vintage Silhouette Anniversary Cake

A cake done for a special couple. This was my first attempt at painting roses on fondant. Whether they look like roses or little pieces of reddish pink BLOB  ;-) is for you guys to decide. This is the second time I  have done a silhouette on a cake. Lines are a bit better than the first one. 

It is a vegetarian chocolate cake with buttercream covered with fondant and  gumpaste accents. Start to finish it roughly took about three days to do.  

First day went with planning and doing the silhouette frame , Second day with baking the cake and covering with buttercream and fondant. Started the painting and assembling the next day. 

This is with breaks in between to look after wailing kids, answering their questions, shouting 'don't do this', don't touch that' 'don't fight' , chauffeuring and preparing breakfast, lunch & dinner ;-).

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Story Book ...Lion King & Bananas in Pyjamas

This is the  2nd cake I made for  my son's birthday ( the party cake). When my son's last birthday finished he had already ordered his next cake (one year ahead... yeah he was very proactive about this ;-)). He wanted Lion King and Bananas in pyjamas

I did a lot of thinking about this cake....didn't initially know how combine the two. Finally decided a book would be good idea. This was back in January but only started doing something about it in June. This is my version of a story book

This cake involved lots of painting. It was a chocolate and butter cake layered with buttercream and covered with fondant.