Saturday, 8 August 2015

My Little One's Birthday : Take 2 .....The Family Party

Since my last cake was a disaster, I decided that for the family birthday party I will start early so that I won't have an excuse not to finish on time.

So here is the cake my son requested A NINJAGO cake  with  KAI ( the fire guy, my son's favourite character) creating an Airjitzu?  or is it Spinjitzu in the air? ( or whatever it is layman's terms Levitating via a Tornado of  Fire ) coming out of water as my son wanted the Airjitzu swirling out of the sea. A Gravity Defying cake....... all edible except for the internal support. I missed out in taking photos as I wanted because of time  ( been busy shopping, cooking, cleaning etc.... for the party ). My son was SUPER happy  with his KAI and the Ninjago Cake:-) :-) :-)

My Little One's Birthday : Take 1 .....The Actual Day

Well for starters he is no longer little....growing up fast I tell you. How time is flying....For this year he wanted something from ' Miles from Tomorrowland ' and Ninjago. 

Lately I had not been doing too many cakes especially with advices from all ends about resting my hands, I somehow seem to have lost my Mojo for it so kept putting it off and off and off.......then there was only two days and still hadn't done anything. Just as I thought I will start, I got a call from one of my relatives that he was coming over from from another state so told him to stay over for dinner (Coooooking..... ;-). Sooooooooooo  now I had only 1 day ( just couple of hours to be precise  before  all the cousins came over at 6:30 pm).

The family had already come over and I was still trying to finish it to a somewhat presentable state  before cutting it (worst experience doing a cake when all the guests have arrived)  as such all the finer details are missing ( which I usually do in the end), some of the characters I wanted to do are missing, photography is horrible....In short this could be termed as one of my WORST cakes :-(....but still made with LOVE I guess............

 So here is 'Merc' in outer space from 'Miles from Tomorrowland'.......

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Five little Ducks went out one Day........a 1st Birthday Cake

A close relative's lovely daughter turned  one this week and I had wanted to do a cake for her and  promised  a while back. As usual, even though I had already asked what they wanted long ago back and actually designed the cake on the computer ( which I don't usually do ) , I only ended up starting something concrete last week  and had to cut out some bits from the design cos of time and some unexpected events.

Now coming to the design, the little lady loved Five little Ducks to bits and she was going to wear a gorgeous white dress with bits of purple and bright pink in we have a theme now........ 

Had to do quite a bit of baking for this one , tried a new medium for parts of the cake  which tested my patience till the last minute (weather didn't help either)  and finally finished it at the last minute with a bit of physical collateral damage.........oh no.... no....not to the cake but moi....... So here is my  Happy cake..... with the ducks having a swim on a sunny day..........hope you like it :-)



Thursday, 4 June 2015

Simple Cricket Birthday Cake

Another lastminute simple birthday cake for a cricket crazy cousin of mine asked by his Mom to make :-).  Hope you like it