Sunday, 4 December 2016

Avant Garde Collaboration : The Dark Symphony

Creation vs Inspiration
Here is my contribution to the "Outside the Box Avant Garde Collaboration " It will be my last cake for a little while since I will be busy with a bulding project which is taking lot longer than anticipated.

This project was carried out in Feb 2016 but I just got around to publishing it here.....better late than never I guess.........

The Dark Symphony : Cast your norms aside............
When I started thinking of a design for this collaboration I wanted a design which pushes the boundries a bit but simplistic enough to carry it through
For me having an all Black cake was my first and didn't sit well with my design ethics but that I guess is my first push in breaking my boundaries (each person their own). Next came the cake shapes now what would you call it? what is it ? , hence the second shove. My son when he saw it called it the black ghost...Is it ? An ebb and Flow of graceful continuity is what I would call my cake. Instead of using the usual fondant flowers, I wanted to try and use the now widely used wafer paper to create the flower effect.... some extra large and some really tiny to create a statement. Experimenting with colours and edible paint to create neon , glow in the dark effect was part of my todo bucket list but unfortunately that didnt fully work out yet...Neon blue I got but glow in the dark I didn't, maybe for my next cake.
I used the colours from my Avant Garde Inspiration collage as a base for the colour scheme and some of the prominent details as key features in my cake.
If my simple cake catches your eye and it stands out for its weirdity or simplicity then I believe I have achieved my target.

Anastasia Radevich was so gracious enough to allow me to use one of her Avant Garde shoes as part of my inspiration. Thank you so much Anastasia.

Thank you so much Rebekah N. Wilbur for thinking to include me in this wonderful cutting edge collaboration of wonderfully talented cakers.

Thank you American Cake Decorating and Satinice.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

A Tinkerbell from the shop front

When we were walking in the city  she saw this little masquerade Tinkerbell she loved so much that she asked me to make it for her Birthday. This was what she had actually wanted, but I ended up making the previous two cakes for my satisfaction........ 

I was tired of planning the family party and was going to cheat and used the uncut cake from her actual birthday. But in my heart , what she had first asked had stuck  and wanted to somehow fulfill her wish .... hence the third cake that my darling daughter. ....... A Tinkerbell Doll cake ( All edible except for the internal support).

A Giant CUPCAKE.......

The second of my three cakes for my little princess. She wanted to call all her school friends , as her parents what more can we do for her but have all her friends at a McDonalds party. I was short of time so ended up making a Quick Giant Cupcake 

Tinkerbell and A Rose

First of  the three cakes I made for my little princess this year for her birthday. It is an all edible gravity defying Rose cake with an internal support. She wanted a Tinkerbell  on her cake and loved the colour my princess had a Tinkerbell ( all sugar ) floating down on to a Rose.... a cake. She didn't want to cut it , luckily I had a plain cake, so she cut that and kept this for the family party.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Our Tradition continues.....A Birthday Cake for our Lovely Neighbour

Every year I usually make a cake for our lovely neighbour and this year it was no different  :-) despite  many obstacles............ An Artist I am not but temptation made me dabble my hand in bit of painting, hope you like it :-). 

Trying to catch up with my posts, this cake was done end of last year ( 2015) .

Saturday, 8 August 2015

My Little One's Birthday : Take 2 .....The Family Party

Since my last cake was a disaster, I decided that for the family birthday party I will start early so that I won't have an excuse not to finish on time.

So here is the cake my son requested A NINJAGO cake  with  KAI ( the fire guy, my son's favourite character) creating an Airjitzu?  or is it Spinjitzu in the air? ( or whatever it is layman's terms Levitating via a Tornado of  Fire ) coming out of water as my son wanted the Airjitzu swirling out of the sea. A Gravity Defying cake....... all edible except for the internal support. I missed out in taking photos as I wanted because of time  ( been busy shopping, cooking, cleaning etc.... for the party ). My son was SUPER happy  with his KAI and the Ninjago Cake:-) :-) :-)