Monday, 25 February 2013

Tutorial: How to make an open storybook cake

Make the top two pages of the cake in advance with gumpaste.

Decide on the size of the rectangular cake then rolled out the gumpaste the size of the base of the cake and then cut it into two pieces so that it looks like two pages of an open book; these two pieces will go on top of the cake and most of the decoration will go on top of these sheets.

Dry the two pieces with the top and bottom tips curled a bit, I also used the centre of kitchen tissue roll( cut in half) and inserted it underneath the sheets so that the sheets will look and dry wavy. IMPORTANT make sure you don’t stretch and pull the sheets otherwise the shape will be distorted.
Once it is dry do whatever decorations you want on it just make sure you are careful because it is very fragile.

Bake the cake and carve it on top to get the wavey effect ( make sure that the gumpaste sheets will fit on top snugly and also think and make allowance for buttercream and fondant that is going to go on top of the cake, careful when you are checking ) and cut out two small triangular bits out from both the sides( little triangular hole, the visible edge of the book cover of the cake will go around this). Cover with buttercream and fondant and use the Dresden tool to mark the sides - so that it looks like the pages in a book and paint the sides.
Now stick the already decorated gumpaste sheets on top and add the book marker and visible edge of the cover. Paint and decorate as required.

Canon EOS - 1D X cake Topper

Just realised that I hadn't added this to my Blog, one of my creations from last year ( Aug 2012 to be precise). This was one of the quickest cake topper I had made. Started the previous night and finished the next  morning. If I can't buy this(Canon EOS-1D X) yet... I guess I can make it, a cut down version though ;-).

The size is about 5cmx5cm x7cm I think . This was just the topper for a 22cm dia cake .Writing and time was the biggest pain. My eyes were going blurry trying to write 'cos it was quite small( I am really not happy with the writing).

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Happy Little Cakes....Happy Little Vegemite??

I read somewhere that cakes make people happy...... I felt like making a few people happy....So guess what?.... I made couple of mini cakes

Marilyn Monroe Ruffles cake:

Pearly Pink Cake:

Creamy Satin Cake:

Turquoise and Purple Cake

I don't know whether I made them happy but it sure did make me feel good baking, decorating and taking it to them and seeing their smiling faces when they got it ;-)


Saturday, 16 February 2013

Puzzle Cake

A cake for a very special and dear Uncle. A guy cake which did not need elaborate details. It was done at the same time as my niece's birthday cake.

Little Things a Girl Dreams of.......

Making this cake was an experience and a half......I had promised a cake for one of my special nieces  back in August last year. While trying to gather information on what she likes from her mom, I was told that she might like a Jewellery box.....voila why didn't I think of that. So it was decided and dusted back in September that I was going to make a Jewellery box chocolate cake with purple in it (' cos my niece likes purple of course!! and the chocolate cake 'cos her Mom likes it!!! :-)) . 

Starting this was the biggest hurdle for me, after a personal loss and a holiday, just couldn't get myself to do anything. Finally I forced myself to begin thinking that I had to do this for my niece, who ( I was told ) for some unknown reason thinks that I am the Queen of Designs and I spit out all these wonderful cakes just like that!!!. Well even if I am not..... I have to at least try or pretend to be ONE in her EYES!!!. So this is what I have come up with and hopes she likes my effort ;-)   P.S. I also had a bit of a battle with RAIN which was not very helpful with the DRYING.

This cake is supposed to be a Trinket box, Jewellery box, Miniature Perfume bottles, Pieces of jewellery and a Wrist Watch placed on a table for the little LADY she is going to be.......

Saturday, 2 February 2013

A Paper Cake.

This is a bit off my usual cake write ups. A cake done with paper and love by a special niece of mine. It took her a month to design and do with a little help with the roses from her Mom !!!. A BUDDING DESIGNER. Really touched by this. Thank you.