Saturday, 25 August 2012

Smocking cake....

This cake was done for a very good friend of mine and I am also dedicating this to another special person who only last week wrote  how much she was missing her smocking( she makes beautiful smock dresses. she had sent one when my son was born, Thank you so much). So this is for you KM and my good friend and also to my mother who almost always made all my dresses. Miss you so much Amma...
This is inspired by couple of dresses my daughter has. I always loved smocking.......not to do it but to look at and appreciate( I did do one though but I don't know where it is... If I find it will post (eventhough it is not cake).
Coming back to the cake... had a bit of a hard time with the Royal Icing ( tried a new recipe), It was really thick but it worked out in the end. It is a  fondant/ royal icing and vegetarian fat free chocolate cake.


  1. What's with the vegetarian cakes? Are many people vegetarian these days? My mother and the aunt who I lived with shortly also lurrve smocking when it's on children's clothes. I remember that I had a pale green dress as a child with pink flowers on the smocking

  2. Well as we are getting older, lots of people are getting very health conscious and this cake doesn't have any eggs, butter etc... only thing I have to work out is how to get the sugar out that the older gen can enjoy the cake GUILT free ;-).
    Smocking always so cute on kids, doesn't it.


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