Sunday, 16 February 2014

She Touched My HEART and I Said YES !!

I know you all must be thinking here she goes again......... I don't want to go into too much explanation as to why I did this but the Title says it all I think....A 40th birthday cake for a musically inclined friend of ours requested by his dear wife. A Indian Classical Music Stage setting with few of the classical instruments. The base or the stage is made of vegetarian chocolate cake and the accents (Vennai, Mirudangam, Thamboolam with flowers floating, Indian Cymbals and the Leaf ), with fondant/ gumpaste. I didn't have enough time to experiment to see if I could make the Vennai (or  Venna,  a classical Indian musical string instrument ) all edible hence some parts of it like the strings etc is non edible.

As for my hands....I caused it, so have to go through with it. This time, it was especially taxing physically and time wise( I was asked  last Monday and till Wednesday I was still thinking of what to make while baking the cake, only on Thursday started doing something and finished it 4am Saturday!). At the end I was quite satisfied with what I was able to make  and very happy that they loved it but going through it again is what I wouldn't do till I fix my hands somewhat.......I know I am playing around with my hands instead of looking after it and there has to be a stop somewhere........ and hopefully it is from now on......

Monday, 3 February 2014

Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeee............................

I know I had already said I had done my last cake for the next 6 months in my last post I go breaking it......For the FIRST TIME I made a cake for my birthday ...Yeah yeah you heard right "FIRST time a cake for MOI, all lovingly made by MOI and little bit of self indulgence and what is wrong with that I say :-)

Self indulgence is okay but to stay up till 3:00am doing it while your hands are paining brings CRAZINESS to a new level.

Till two days before the D-day I hadn't even decided whether I will do anything, didn't feel like and was missing my parents a lot........ This decision sort of grew on me ....The kids wanted a cake, there was extra cake, fondant, buttercream etc... from last week, there were two roses I had made long time back ( A black/Burgandy rose and a two toned 'Osiria' rose)  and the centres for a Red Ranunculus which I made last year inspired by a photograph by Julie Scholz but never got around to finishing (How it ended up becoming a hybrid between a Red Ranunculus and Red Poppy  on the cake is a result of time and laziness)  and most of all I wanted to do something to keep myself occupied so that I don't think too much about my Parents and get myself down.

So the day before my birthday and on my birthday  I was still making the cake,  the flowers and doing the finishing touches. I wanted to try something colourful to keep my spirits up, I don't know whether it reflects ME but here you go MY BIRTHDAY CAKE. Hope you like it . Thank you so much for all your support.