Thursday, 13 June 2013

Bows , Ribbons and Roses : A 60th Birthday Cake

The Cake Gods and Goddesses were conspiring against me with this one....First I couldn't get any ideas on what to do 'cos my head was full of 'DIY mini Home Renovation' ideas and starting a cake just wouldn't stick...then I started running short of time and stressing out  and by then an idea and me were  just  poles apart ...... then it was the plumber with our old kitchen sink ( The kitchen is still unusable 'cos  we have to do bit of DIY waterproof painting and tiling etc..) .......then  it was a Positive parenting course I had to attend yesterday...... etc and finally when I was 3/4 way there the lights goes off  at 5pm (winter is starting so it gets dark early) but there was a silver lining in this only a fuse had gone lose and power points were still working I used a couple of table lamps to finish off the cake. One of our friends came and fixed the fuse problem for us. So nice of him.

Took some photos of the cake with my hubby going off in the background about how late we are, we will be the last ones, they will be waiting etc..... ;-), so don't blame me if the photos don't look that good!!!

He was right.........We were the last ones actually.... most of them had actually finished dinner too .....OOPS

With all that stumbling blocks... this is what I finally made:  A full Vegetarian Cake with painted ribbons , bows and fabric roses for a lovely Aunt very very close to my heart......................