Monday, 6 January 2014

Xmas in Melbourne

Happy New Year everybody  :-). Wish you a wonderful 2014. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

We spend the Christmas in Melbourne. Ended up getting sick when I got back and then I had a cake I needed to do for my niece which I finished yesterday after two sleepless nights (cos I was running short of time). Hence the delay in posting.

While in Melbourne I ended up doing a Santa, a snowman  and trying out a patterned cake for the first time for my nephews. This was all spontaneous and hence I didn't have my tools or my reading glasses at hand so the minute details might be a bit off, forgive me for that.  My sister -in- law thought it will be easier for me to do the snowman instead of Santa but you know me I ended  up doing both ;-). My son thought the snowman needed a yellow scarf and my nephew thought a blue one would be better, hence to make them both happy we have a mixed coloured scarf.

Ended up buying a gingerbread pack from woolies and helped my nephew make it , we had loads of fun with that , he wanted to put lots of lollies on it hence the lollypops, gummies and Twix etc ;-).

Some of my cakes without the dressing
 I was asked to show how to make ducks based on a book ' Five little Ducks' by my cousins sister-in-law for her daughters birthday ( which is actually today ). So I ended up trying out the mother duck and she was going to do the baby ones when she makes the cake. So here is what I created ( photos are not that great) Hope you like it. the neck could have been a little longer me thinks.

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