Tuesday, 28 January 2014

A Princess Cake For Our Little Princess.

My darling daughter wanted a princess cake  and she wanted Princess Ariel because she had seen me do one before for a friend's daughter but I didn't want to repeat the same thing  and wanted to have a different twist on it so Ariel had a swing  to sit on which actually moves and then Frozen was supposed to be released and Princess Elsa and Olaf was a great temptation and it sort of snowballed on from there I ended up making  3 princesses and their friends for her 3rd birthday. Was she happy?......... well she was ecstatic from the expression on her face when she saw the cake....so I was pretty pleased too :-).

Also wanted to push my limits with this cake since it is going to be my last cake for a while ( at least 6 months to rest my hands and hopefully temptation doesn't step in :-)). It did take a while to create from loads of planning , to creating the cake board ( numerous visits to Bunnings the hardware store, to using the driller, hack saw, putting in all the support, ensuring that it is all food safe), to doing the figurines, to setting it up , making the cake and carving and putting it all together. It has been made with butter cake, chocolate cake and red velvet cake, orange flavoured butter crean and chocolate buttercream..

Few hiccups along the way and few things not very happy with..... The party for the family was supposed to have been end of last year but due to unavoidable circumstances was postponed to yesterday. I had real trouble restarting the cake after the X'mas/ New Year break and being sick just after,  only managed to waddle through beginning of last week and somehow managed to finish it, cook and arrange the party . Luckily I have found out that I seem to work better under pressure, I also had most of my figurines ready( Ariel, Jasmine, Elsa, Olaf were done last year but Flounder and Rajah were done last week) and I had so much help with the food and desserts; Thank you so very much, your help is greatly appreciated .

Today I have a splitting headache and my hands are gone, feel like a bulldozer had just driven all over me. Well I guess I will survive and all this for the love of my daughter :-).

Overall pretty pleased with the outcome. Hope you love my creation.  There is also a little video(not full size) to show Princess Ariel on a moving swing,  and princess Jasmine on a flying carpet ( This backfired a bit, initially she was going to be just on one support but I underestimated how back heavy she would be come and had to add another support :-( )......all this handmade my MOI......Hope my technical experimentation and my cake making is worth having a look :-). 

Thank you so much all you wonderful people for your awesome support so far.




Dessert made by my Sister-in-Law
Lovely green dessert by my Aunt.


  1. Amazing work machal! so proud of you. And I am glad you are taking a break from exerting your hands. But I am sure you can still share your wisdom on this space even if you aren't actively engaging in making things :). Advanced Birthday wishes to you

    1. Awww... Dharini Thank you so muchda. I am sure I have to do something like that on and off but using the computer is more of a problem than cakes actually :-(. I have a feeling that I am going to be bored out of my head next 6 months. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes :-)


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