Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A Doll for my Little Princess.......

As Doting mum, it has become a usual norm in our house for me to end up making two cakes for my kids birthday, one for the actual birthday and one for the party ( if they happen to come separately, this time there is a small party for the family next week so there is one more cake to come !!). This is the first of the two cakes I made for my darling daughter who is so into dolls and princesses now.

This is my third take on dolls, I did make a doll based cakes for my daughter's first birthday. It was a Doll dressed as bo-peep for her actual birthday and two Barbie dolls dressed in a traditional Half Saree and  a Ghagra Choli for the Party.

Actual 1st Birthday : My 1st Doll cake (2011)
Party 1st Birthday: My 2nd Doll cake (2011)

Images and details available on my previous posts; First Birthday Party   and  Memories: The making of my barbie doll cake

At that time it was because I wanted to make it for my daughter, this time around it was because my daughter wanted it :-).......and Ahh.... she loved it , I think ?????

I always wanted to make an  ALL edible Doll cake, more challenging me thinks, so here goes my first attempt figurine and all. The upper body is entirely hand sculpted using gumpaste and I have seen quite a few really successful beautiful ones. I sincerely hope mine is at least close to being one of those too :-). Thank you so much for looking and for all your lovely support.

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