Monday, 3 February 2014

Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeee............................

I know I had already said I had done my last cake for the next 6 months in my last post I go breaking it......For the FIRST TIME I made a cake for my birthday ...Yeah yeah you heard right "FIRST time a cake for MOI, all lovingly made by MOI and little bit of self indulgence and what is wrong with that I say :-)

Self indulgence is okay but to stay up till 3:00am doing it while your hands are paining brings CRAZINESS to a new level.

Till two days before the D-day I hadn't even decided whether I will do anything, didn't feel like and was missing my parents a lot........ This decision sort of grew on me ....The kids wanted a cake, there was extra cake, fondant, buttercream etc... from last week, there were two roses I had made long time back ( A black/Burgandy rose and a two toned 'Osiria' rose)  and the centres for a Red Ranunculus which I made last year inspired by a photograph by Julie Scholz but never got around to finishing (How it ended up becoming a hybrid between a Red Ranunculus and Red Poppy  on the cake is a result of time and laziness)  and most of all I wanted to do something to keep myself occupied so that I don't think too much about my Parents and get myself down.

So the day before my birthday and on my birthday  I was still making the cake,  the flowers and doing the finishing touches. I wanted to try something colourful to keep my spirits up, I don't know whether it reflects ME but here you go MY BIRTHDAY CAKE. Hope you like it . Thank you so much for all your support.




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