Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Memories : The Making of my first Barbie Doll Cakes.......

This is not a tutorial, just photos of the different elements at different stages of the cakes I made that week in 2011 soon after I started out on my cake journey.  Recently unearthed these images and thought I will share them with you :-)

It was Dolls overload and I don't think my daughter even appreciated it considering it was her first birthday, It was more for me than her ha...ha :-) .Three Dolls .... One for her actual birthday and Two for her birthday party.

Ended up making a Ben 10 cake for my son too so that he doesn't feel left out and
A cake for my Dad with him and his grand kids sitting on a sofa ( my first figurines, to tell you the truth they didn't look that great !!) which came two days after my daughter's. So very glad that I made one for my Dad because that became the LAST cake I will ever make for him .  I miss him so much!!!

Full detail of the birthday Party can be found in one of my first posts on my blog : 1st Birthday Party

All ready to be transported to the Hall

All ready to be transported to the Hall

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