Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Old Hollywood Bachelorette Party Cupcakes

Now I can write about my latest Mystery cupcakes. I wasn't sure whether I could write about it initially because it was a challenge and I wasn't too sure about the rules. Now the results are out and here goes.... This was the first time I have entered a contest of any sort.  These cupcakes was for an inspiration challenge based on a theme and set of colours. 

I didn't end up winning but gained loads of experience doing these. I can also proudly say that I can spot (or have the eye for)  a winning set of cupcakes miles away ???. Out of all the cupcakes there was one lot that I really liked and I actually did comment on it and clicked on the favourite for it ( it didn't win because I did that, It was the editor's choice).... And guess what those cupcakes  ended up winning!!!! WOW not bad huh for a first timer??? CONGRATULATIONS to the Winner of the challenge.


  1. SMART! nice idea

    and Purple!! I like :)

  2. Your comments are greatly appreciatedda, Thank you....Ahh yes purple :-)


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