Friday, 29 March 2013

20 Roses & Initials

My sister-in-law made a surprise anniversary cake for a close relation of hers , she planned to make a three tier cake with lots of flowers and had lots to do. So I helped her and made the roses and the initials for the cake. I was asked to do peach coloured roses. Doing the roses was a bit tedious, doing 20 of them could be exactly that anyway ;-). To make it more interesting I dusted the centre a darker pink.

My sister-in-law also ended up dusting the outside of the rose petals with light pink petal dust so that it matched the Saree which she found out was a different colour to what she initially thought ( peach with a shot of pink throughout).

The initials were a last minute request after the cake was done, so nothing fancy. The first initials I did, I thought was a bit too big to be put on top of the cake which already had a lot of flowers so I did a much simpler cleaner looking initials. Ended up using both on the cake( one on top of the cake and one on the base).

 The surprise party is tomorrow and her cake has turned out really lovely.

Took the photo of the Initials on a different background

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