Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Easter Picnic

I made this cake for an online cake competition. I was in two minds about doing this. Initially I thought I might try this and made the mad mistake of mentioning it to my dear son. Then I decided I wasn't going to...... too busy, too scared( this would be the second time I would be entering a contest)!!!. Then just two days before the closing date my darling son started bugging me about the Easter cake I promised him I was going to make... why am I not making it, he wanted bunny on it, Easter eggs etc... I couldn't let him down, could I? No harm in trying.... So here is what I created in two days.

I have submitted my cake.... and the hopes of winning is very dim, slim, but the enjoyment and experience I got from making this cake is tremendous. There are about almost 150 lovely beautiful cakes to compete with :-). My actual headache starts tomorrow, 'cos I have to vote on the cakes and pick ONLY 5 out of the whole lot. which itself is so hard because they are all stunning creations and then grade the 5 that I have picked. Thank God it will be one less because I can't vote for my cake !!!;-)


  1. this one is brilliant. I especially like the very first picture of the basket. the close up pictures of the little figurines are always attractive

    1. Oh Thank you so much ..... I like close up pics but if I happen to have made it I tend to only see the faults in my work :-)


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