Friday, 22 March 2013

Happy Harmony Day( 21st March ).

First full on attempt at  making cupcakes. Time also wasn't on my side but I somehow managed to finish whatever I could. I had forgotten we had Harmony day family picnic lunch at my son's school. Only on Wednesday afternoon one of the mothers reminded me. I thought of skipping it ( my son had the Gastro this weekend and I was too tired after all that drama) but thinking of my son's disappointed face made me go on.

Baked the cupcakes Wednesday night (54 nos).

Got up 5 am in the morning on Thursday, made fried rice, chauffeured my husband to the station, my son to school then started on making the icing and decorating. I would have loved to have some more time but I had to be there at the school at 1 pm. Managed to decorate 24 of them. As you all must have guessed, It was orange themed.

All packed and ready to go.

Leftovers from the picnic...  Very tiring and looong day, but my son was very HAPPY, that was what mattered the most ;-)

Happy Harmony day Everybody.

What happened to the remaining 30 cupcakes  :-) ????..... I hadn't finished for the day though....bits about it in the next post.

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