Saturday, 8 August 2015

My Little One's Birthday : Take 1 .....The Actual Day

Well for starters he is no longer little....growing up fast I tell you. How time is flying....For this year he wanted something from ' Miles from Tomorrowland ' and Ninjago. 

Lately I had not been doing too many cakes especially with advices from all ends about resting my hands, I somehow seem to have lost my Mojo for it so kept putting it off and off and off.......then there was only two days and still hadn't done anything. Just as I thought I will start, I got a call from one of my relatives that he was coming over from from another state so told him to stay over for dinner (Coooooking..... ;-). Sooooooooooo  now I had only 1 day ( just couple of hours to be precise  before  all the cousins came over at 6:30 pm).

The family had already come over and I was still trying to finish it to a somewhat presentable state  before cutting it (worst experience doing a cake when all the guests have arrived)  as such all the finer details are missing ( which I usually do in the end), some of the characters I wanted to do are missing, photography is horrible....In short this could be termed as one of my WORST cakes :-(....but still made with LOVE I guess............

 So here is 'Merc' in outer space from 'Miles from Tomorrowland'.......

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