Monday, 21 October 2013

Rose Vines: A 60th birthday Cake

My first cake since I have been diagnosed with mild Carpel Tunnel Syndrome on both hands a week and a half ago ( the nerves on the wrist get pressed which causes numbness and pain ). Not in the best of moods these days. Best part is not to do anything  ( a good excuse... ;-)) and the worst part is I have to learn the hard way what I can do and not do by doing it ;-). the laptop seem to be a definite no no especially the touch pad, piping on cakes (which I hardly do anyway)  also seems to be one but doing fondant cakes I would put it under maybe….with this cake middle of my palm and wrist are were aching after doing the tiny vines and roses on the 60 but the rest of work felt okay even though it did take a lot longer to do( having rest in between) . Even cooking is a yes and cutting something for a long period of time is a bit painful. I guess anything repetitive  and involves the wrist is not good!!!

Did any of you have this problem and how did you overcome it?....cos I am still passionate about doing cakes and also getting on the laptop. I am trying to avoid surgery as of now and trying to rest my hands as much as possible ( but sometimes the temptation gets the better of me like now :-).....and have four more cakes I have promised and need to do before end of this year hopefully it is not too much of a load!!)

I should be talking about the cake instead of talking about me so sorry about that… Chocolate cake with chocolate filling covered with orange flavoured buttercream and then fondant. Wanted to go subtle this time with the colours. Hope you like it . Got the idea of doing the vines when I went to the display garden at hunter valley and saw all the lovely roses there.

Thank you for looking and for all the lovely support, encouragements and comments that have come my way since I started this blog.

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