Sunday, 14 December 2014

A Quick Cake for my Loving Neighbour

My lovely 70+ year old neighbour had her birthday recently.  Such a sweet lady she is , I always remember her coming over when my son was born with a big box of all white knitted sweater, mittens, hats... the whole works all made by herself ( she started knitting when she heard I was going to have a baby but she didn't know whether it was a boy or a girl so she made it all white )  and my daughter got a cute teddy bear her size when she was born. 

Every year I used to do something....this year I thought I will make a cake for her. Last minute decision as always  on the day of her birthday hee...hee..... So in between going to my son's presentation, school runs, violin class, station runs....... This is what I came up with.... a simple cake, with a rose I had made long time a go, finished at 9pm ( a bit late I know and didn't get good photos either) but she was over the moon :-). That's what matters I guess.

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